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If U agree to be my benefactor I will devote my life to andUandU...

andUandU's being successful is of paramount importance in my life. I will do what it takes to get as many of the Sectors and Sections up and

running. If U have are inclined towards a certain Sector or Section I will

spend a lot of my time on ur choice until it is doing well.

I have been described as: honest, sincere, hard working, friendly, caring, a Christian and logical.

I have two alcohol drinks daily and once a month I have three drinks. I don't gamble at all. I am into family big and I like to travel.

Please input ur information below. Under Sector/Section enter the one that is important to U. There are number of other choices in Domains for U. If ur choice is from there please enter it.

Thank U for considering to sponsor me.

Mark A. Matheson


To sponsor me, please fill out and submit the form to me and I will get back to U. Thank U.