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2022     2640 Billionaires (Forbe Magazine)


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What's with the Yo in U?

Words to consider.

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Mark A. Matheson the CEO of andUandU... A Future World Non-Profit Organization. What I am going to introduce to U, will become a beacon of hope to many of our earth's inhabitants. I have been watching news since infancy. I have developed a keen interest in what is taking place on our earth. The world seems to be falling apart environmentally, politically, socially and economically. I can't just stand by and allow this to continue. I have a moral and social obligation, to do whatever I can, to reverse this trend. I now feel that it is my duty to attempt to make a difference on our earth. I can't just sit back and tolerate what we see going on all around us.

I came up with andUandU... to unite this world for the sake of all mankind and the other inhabitants we share this planet with. United we can turn our earth around to make it a much better place for all its inhabitants. It would be a grave injustice to everything I stand for if I did not act on this vision; I do not see any plausible alternative.

The human race is being threatened from within; we must stop thinking of mememe... If other animals had an intellect such as ours, we would most certainly be regarded as being consciously inferior. No other species has done so much damage to each other and the other life forms. Our thirst for resources knows no end, the land and waters die by our hands. Our appetite for power blinds us and we hurt, kill and oppress each other. Too many humans have become morally bankrupt. Too often we have turned our wrath on each other, sometimes killing, hacking and mutilating each other. Too many are harassing, lying and stealing from one another. There are too many places where the bad words that we use to describe a community by far outnumber the good ones.

We freely consume and pollute. We must realize that all life depends on living together in harmony. If all members of society started to treat everyone like they themselves would like to be treated, our civilization wouldn't be in such desperate need of nurturing. The world we know is out of balance and in desperate need of repair. Our earth is shaking violently and she desperately needs to be realigned. Her health is in jeopardy. If we the people (U's) do not turn things around soon it will be too late, and we will all succumb to her illness.

There needs to be an organization on our earth where people can turn to, not only to get help, but also to contribute towards healing what ails the planet and its people. A site where the people (U) involved realize that: “The Service to Humanity is the best work of life”. We adamantly believe that andUandU... is that organization.  andUandU needs to become a worldwide help center and a safe house. A haven that has various intellects gathering together to resolves critical issues of our earth that continue to plague us.

To earn ur trust all our work will be done giving highest regards to ethics and transparency. This in turn we expect from governments, corporations, our satellite members or any other entity we deal with. We will give U updates and progress reports concerning any issues that “U” feel relevant, unless there are legal or ethical reasons why this is not possible. U will get these updates from all our various andUandU internet sites.

“It's a Mad House”

We are spending billions on the military and have many billionaires and millionaires, while millions are starving, and/or homeless and some dying of curable diseases. Far too often millions of dollars are being spent on what we regard as trivial research that is doing nothing to better humanity or Ourearths other inhabitants.

WE should be spending money, much more money trying to find ways to heal and or provide for the sick, homeless and the destitute.

Why not look seriously at trying to ensure our own children have a future, where they can grow up healthy. We are being selfish not bothering to ensure their survival. Look what this memememe attitude has done to injure Ourearth and many of her inhabitants.  What's going on reminds me of the movie Planet of the Apes. Charlton Heston yells: “It's a Mad House”. He yells this after his space craft lands into the future and he finds apes in charge and humans being treated like animals. Humans were treated like animals, but the Apes looked after and cared for each other.

What if these Apes landed today and saw what was going on in many parts of this world? How loud would they yell? We would likely all be deaf.

The apes would yell at such things like:

(1) Many people dying of curable diseases and starvation. People lacking clean water and shelter when there is more than enough existing food and money to pay for those in need. All we have to do is share.

(2) Our earth and its inhabitants are in bad shape. We need all the help we can get. We need billions of dollars to combat global warming, diminishing biodiversity, pollution, homelessness, poverty, and the numerous health issues humanity faces. We need to get along, we can’t afford to spend so much money on our military.

                              United States   $877 billion     1st

                              China                $292 B.

                              Riussia             $ 86.4 B.

                              India                 $ 81.4B.       4 th

                              Ukraine            $ 44B.        11th

Source: Stockholm International Peace

              Research Institute (sipri.org)

(3) The slaughtering of innocent people, using firearms that should be banned. There needs to be more restrictions on who can buy firearms. The United States should adopt the Australian or Canadian Policy when it comes to dealing with firearms.

 A well-regulated Militia

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Since when is a maniac who uses a high powered rifle firing so many rounds to murder innocent people: “A well-regulated Militia.”  America's Constitutional Right to Bear arms needs to changed. If America's great forefathers who signed this Bill into law had any idea of the madness that has been created on its behalf, they would never have signed it.

(4) We are poisoning our environment and changing our climate by burning fossil fuels at alarming levels. Our use of fossil fuels is contributing to Global Warming and we might already be at the point of no return. Man is destroying our earth's ecosystem. Practically every species is in decline and that rate of decline is accelerating.

andUandU's Response

In response to the calamity facing us on our earth, I believe I have devised a way to turn our earth around. I have done all of this for U and in return U must realize that with U and andUandU... working together there is no mountain that can't be climbed and no obstacle that cannot be overcome. Working together we will ensure our children's future and better the lives of our earth's other inhabitants. It could bring hope to almost anyone (andUandU...) who needs it.

andUndU... Internationally

In order to be in a position to help everyone that needs it andUandU...  needs to be known internationally and available around the world.  The content of andUandU... should be able to be understood by as many people as possible. andUandU....should be translated in English, Spanish, French,. Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and other languages. We want to be assessable around the world in the main languages.

The Sectors and Sections of andUandU...are meant for everyone. Once people see how helpful a functioning andUandU...organization can be, they will want us in their country.

andUandU... from Concepts to Reality

There is not a molecule in my body that does not believe andUandU... should not become a reality because it is so right in a world that has become so wrong. It is based on love that we all should share. It is an organization that would be 100% backed by God/Jesus, it has Christian roots.  Any religion that is based on love would support andUandU... and U definitely do not have to believe in God to believe in us and the good that can become from andUandU...In the future all religions can show us how they are of love by joining our organization on their own andUandU... websites. If U have no religious affiliation all U need to do is be willing to share ur love to be a part of andUandU...

Within every human being there is love and that love should be shared. All it takes is the will to do what is right, let us try to level the playing field around our earth where we do our best to look after anyone that is in need.

For every sector or section promises have been made. I make these promises because I truly believe that I and other people who are interested in what I am trying to do will make these promises happen. These promises will be kept as we set our goals to make these promises realities. If we spent our money and time doing what is right rather than thinking of mememe...we would have a happier and more peaceful planet.

I believe, as the Junior Chamber International (J.C.I.) puts it in their Creed that: “The Service to Humanity is the best work of life.” Serving humanity also means protecting organisms that we depend on. Humanity cannot exist without them.

Believers of andUandU...will work together to turn my promises into realities making our earth so much better.  People will work together creating life time bonds knowing that the fulfilling work they are doing will help so many people. People will take pride knowing that they are involved with something so right.

andUandU... sets the bar for where we should want to be in life. What our earth needs can be achieved if U truly believe in andUandU... I yearn for a better world; I have seen too much despair and we are destroying our earth's ecosystem which our lives and the lives of our children depend on.

Once U have read what I have written think back on what I have written. If U believe in the goodness of andUandU...and U envisage a much better world with andUandU... playing a major role then perhaps drop the yo in U. Capitalize the U because U are important, U can influence others in so many positive ways.

I believe in God and I totally believe that I am doing his work and if U do not believe in God, know this, I am doing this for love. We must learn to love one another like Brothers and Sisters.  I believe there never will be an organization like andUandU... that could be so complete. We owe it to the people and other organisms that need our help to try our best to make andUandU... work.

Get Involved

For each Sector and Section I have “Get Involved”. Getting Involved by replying means that U really care about what we are trying to achieve and U want to help make our suggestions and/or promises work. We can not possibly do everything that we want or what U may want without ur imput. We have always felt that there would be many people so moved by the pain and suffering that people endure; that U would want to help. This is especially so when possible solutions to ongoing problems were given in our many suggestions and/or promises.

In every Sector and Section meaningful solutions were given to make life easier for humankind and in some cases other organisms we share this planet with. If our suggestions and/or promises were achieved there would be a lot more contentment in our world.

If U have the means or the knowledge to do some or the lions share of work and/or provide funding, ur help would be much appreciated.

If U want to be a Director of a Sector or a Stewart of a Section U will be a leader of an important organization. Honesty, integrity and diligence will be ur key attributes. We will find the right people. We will make sure any person or organization we deal with, will be held in high esteem by all people.



I have believed for many years that if I put andUandU.. out to the masses that andUandU...would be accepted and it would succeed. One day I was walking along the beach by Frenchman's Bay and I reaffirmed my feeling that it was okay to die as long as the message was out about andUandU...I have felt if andUandU... was out I would die with a smile on my face because I had done my best to turn our earth around.

That day was uniquely special because I had received a phone call the previous night that I had lymphoma. I thought that cancer had spread through my Lymph System and that there was a chance I was going to die from cancer. I believed in Jesus so I was okay and I knew that Jesus and God would be happy with me for putting andUandU's message out. I felt once I get andUandU... out I could have possibly completed the task which God had planned for me.

It turned out that I have anaplastic large cell lymphoma. It is now treatable and responded well to chemotherapy. There is a good chance that once the signs go away the cancer will come back, maybe somewhere else. The cancer was confined to my left leg below my knee. My leg was covered with lesions of all sizes and some were sticking out half an inch or about a centimetre and a half.

I went through six rounds of full on chemotherapy. I was really fortunate I was only sick for about sixteen hours and that was probably the flu: my resistance was down because of the chemo. I was only off of work for about four months. The worst thing about cancer was knowing that besides the four bags of liquid that U had to get put in ur arm intravenously they had to inject into ur arm a lot of red liquid. I wondered if it would cause my veins to rupture.

I drove many miles back and forth to chemotherapy, doctor's appointments, and the hospital to get my dressings changed.  I was surprised how many people were getting chemo. There were probably twenty at a time. I felt so bad for these people, most probably having a much worse cancer than mine. I would think how many of these people would succumb to cancer. I always had someone with me. I wondered how many of these people did not have support going through this terrible Illness; cancer.

At work one day, the last day before I went off sick, I had to take my flash hood off and on. (A flash hood U put over ur head and U have it around ur neck. If there is a situation where U might need to go on air U put ur face piece on and U pull ur flash hood back over ur head and U make it so ur whole head is covered by the flash hood except where ur face piece is. The flash hood gives U some protection from heat and flame.) My flash hood was getting full of hair because my hair was falling out. One of the guys said jokingly:” Mark U must have a pet at home because look at the hair in ur flash hood.”

After my first day of treatment I had a shower. I then went out to the living room and sat down for ten minutes, I looked down at my leg and there were two distinct areas where fluid was running down my leg from two areas just below my knee. The fluid was coming from two huge tumor like lumps close to my knee, one had been biopsied. One stream went to the floor and the other stopped on my foot. I was amazed how the chemo was passing right through the cancer. Within one week the lesions had gone down 90%. The doctor described the improvement as a miracle to her assistant. Now I just have discoloured blotches all over my lower leg. I know it will probably come back but at least it probably won't get so bad before they know what it is.

With anything I try to look at the good things. Now if the Cancer Society wants me to tell my story about how my chemotherapy did wonders to my leg then I would. I could show pictures of before and the picture of a week after chemotherapy. In support of Cancer Research I would urge U to donate to the Cancer Society. This story might help them get more donations toward cancer, so that is a good thing. Another thing is my cancer was accepted as a workplace injury.

Mathew 7: 7-8

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone who asks.

Christians believe that if U are good and a believer in Christ then god will supply U with what U need. I believe Christians and any person that truly believes in love would want to see andUandU succeed. I have written about Christene Archibald in the CharityandU sector. “Tell them Chrissy sent you”, was used on social media to inspire people to donate their time and/or money to charities. If people around the world said: “We want andUandU..”. We would get it. U will see it is something everyone should want. U may not agree with all aspects of andUandU..., but by far it would be an organization that everyone should want to be a part of. But if ur a person that just thinks of mememe... and U want to keep all of ur wealth to urself, perhaps andUandU...is not a good fit. I believe that once U have read much of what I have written about andUandU...U will understand why people should want andUandU... to succeed.

The Villager Volume 79, Number 17 Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2009

Nader's novel idea: Only the filthy rich can save us now

By Mary Reinholz

Embodying geezer power at full throttle, veteran consumer advocate and corporate critic Ralph Nader came to Union Square last week, advocating for a single-payer healthcare system in America and simultaneously promoting his first novel, surprisingly called “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” at Barnes & Noble on E. 17th St.

In his remarks to an overflow crowd gathered on the store's fourth floor, Nader, still the impassioned crusader at 75, rattled off a list of boldfaced names, like Warren Buffett, Warren Beatty, Ted Turner and Yoko Ono, filthy-rich do-gooders who, he noted, inspired some of the characters in his 736-page utopian fantasy. Nader's fictional billionaires create and implement strategy to confront gridlock and corporate goliaths in the wake of Katrina when, he noted, “all federal, state and local governments were in paralysis.”

The Giving Pledge

Ralph Nader inspired real life billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to create an organization called “The Giving Pledge”. By August 2010 there were 40 pledges worth 125 Billion. The Giving Pledge encourages the world's wealthiest to donate a majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes. Many have pledged to give away half their wealth.

In June 2016 there were154 signatories from 16 countries including: Mainland China, Saudi Arabia and Israel. The group is specifically focused on billionaires and was initially meant to attract U.S. donors.

With andUandU...it is my hope that I have inspired any caring, loving individual, group, organization or corporation to do more, perhaps by donating and building andUandU... thus helping those in need.


C.B.C. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) News

Adrienne Arsenault- February 6, 2018

Today SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation) launched their triple rocket called Falcon Heavy, which now could be a stepping stone to a trip to Mars. Its success surprised a lot of people. It did not explode into a ball of flames which was said to be a possibility by its creator. The Falcons 27 engine roared into space causing people on the ground to be in awe. Space X took years working for this moment. Sixty one kilometers up Falcon Heavy's two reusable rockets separated and headed back to earth. Two were successful and landed in tandem on a platform.

SpaceX CEO and founder billionaire industrialist Elon Musk was amazed that it had all come together. Musk also a founder of Tesla put his own cherry red Tesla Roadster fitted with cameras and a dummy called Starman into space. Starman's suit was designed by SpaceX and he was sitting behind the steering wheel. Musk is hoping that his car will orbit around the sun as far out as Mars for millions of years to come. Musk had not only figured out the engineering but the business plan. Build the rockets, launch them and recycle them. This would bring the cost of space travel down opening it up to new clients.

If one billionaire could achieve such great success making space travel so affordable just think about the good that can be achieved if more billionaires, millionaires down to ordinary people work together for our planet. They could help build andUandU...


                                                                                              2022     2640 Billionaires (Forbes Magazine)

It is hard to fathom that a billionaire must have at least 1000 millions. For most people when they get to a million, they have made it. All billionaires together are worth 12.2 trillion dollars. 

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index on April 1, 2024, the top 10 billionaires are 1.  Bernard Arnault-231 Bil., 2. Jeff Bezos-203 B., 3. Elon Musk-189 B., 4. Mark Zuckerberg-173 B., 5. Bill Gates-154 B., 6. Steve Ballmer-145 B., 7. Warren Buffett-137 B., 8.  Larry Ellison-139 B., 9. Larry Page-137 B., and 10. Sergey Brin-130 B.


It would be nice if most billionaires and gave most of their money away because U only need so much to maintain the extravagant lifestyle that most billionaires are accustomed to. To have so much when so many are suffering is hard for many of us to understand and how many millions does a millionaire, or a billionaire need.

I pray that more of the rich open their wallets and advertise that their giving as to inspire others to give. Everyone should expect that if U have more U give more and if U are not giving people should look at the rich and think they are into the memmeme... way of life and not think they are so great because they have accumulated wealth in a selfish way.

Netflixs - Minimalism- A Documentary About The Important Things

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, the Minimalists

President Jimmy Carter

Good evening. It is clear that the true problems of our nation are much deeper, deeper than gasoline lines or energy shortages, deeper even than inflation or recession. In a nation that was proud of hard work strong families, close knit communities, too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but what one owns. But we’ve discovered that only things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaning. We’ve learned that piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no confidence or purpose. This is not a message of happiness or reassurance but is the truth and it is a warning.

                                                                                                                Patrick Rhone

 We think we need those things, because we’ve been told we need those things. We’ve been told we need those things by our society. It’s been this kind of slow, little thing that’s just kind of trickled in and suddenly it becomes the thing you do. It really does come down to a value-based ideal. You want to do the most amount of good and get the most amount of value with exactly what you need. Having too little is not going to give you that and having too much is not going to give you that, right? Having that balance having enough, that’s what you’re looking for.


It has been over 20 years since I aged out of the Jaycees, J.C.I (Junior Chamber International) at 40. I was a member of the Whitby, Ontario Jaycees for over 10 years. I miss the comradery, Amerada, the learning experiences, the socials and being part of an organization that meant so much to us and the other people we influenced, in so many positive ways. The Whitby Jaycees, like all Jaycees were valued in their communities. We ran projects and assist with projects that are beneficial to our communities, often raising money for charities. Whatever the Jaycees were involved in our members learned life-long skills that would prepare many of us to be leaders in business, possibly leaders in our community and leaders of the world. The Jaycees honed the skills of young business people. We learned time management, effective speaking, how to run effective meetings. Who can forget Robert’s Rules of Order and the many other important assets Jaycees membership provides, including how to take on projects big and small by using our Basic Forms. I am really hoping that the Jaycees (J.C.I.) work with us to turn our earth around, by utilizing our future Non-profit  ANDUANDU INC.

Start Small

I have been told by family members that I should spend my time on local charities and try to make a difference there. For 21 years I volunteered for St. John's Ambulance. St. John's in many ways can deal with patients at the same level as paramedics. They are well trained in C.P.R. and defibrillation. Much of the work they do, is stabilizing injuries. How they deal with life threatening situations like heart attacks and choking victims make firefighters and paramedics appreciate their work, when they arrive on scene. St. John's members volunteer at events like soccer, fair grounds, hockey games, motor-cross and many other interesting venues. Many of these venues cannot afford to pay for onsite paramedics.

I could have gone back to St. John's if there was one around where I live or volunteered for numerous charities. Volunteers do an outstanding job working for causes they believe in; there are many selfless volunteers. I respect and admire people when they tell me that they spend time volunteering. So much good comes from the work they do. I do some charity work, but I am focusing my time on trying to change our earth in a big way, making it a much better place for all humankind and the other organisms we share this planet with.

Charities will benefit from the good that will come from our CharityandU Sector. Even now there are direct links to many charities on CharityandU. Getting anyone of the five sectors: CommunityandU, HelpandU, OurenvironmentandU, CharityandU and OurearthandU up and running is a huge undertaking. We cannot do it alone. We can make them all a success with ur help.

andUandU... is needed now!

Every Sector and concept that I have presented U is needed now. In fact many of the Sections and Sectors are urgently needed. I believe everything that I have mentioned or promised will happen if U truly want it to happen. Re: Mathew 7:7-8.

I could not possibly have worked on everything I am trying to do and gotten all the information that is needed to register as a charity with Corporate Canada. It takes a lot hours and people to get everything set up in an organization to be in a position to apply for a charitable status. To me it is inconceivable and impractical right now to spend my time taking the steps to do that. If U are overly concerned about tax breaks, then perhaps U are concerned about urself. (mememe...)

The need is urgent so many people and other species need ur help right now. I feel so bad for all the people who are suffering around Ourearth. They are suffering and there is so much that could be done for them. It just is not fair how a lot of people are doing so little. Too many people spend so much time on their cell phones and on social media, oblivious to the hardship’s others endure around Ourearth. Too many of them and others are into mememe... it makes me ill. For so many of U out there, how can U live with ur selves doing nothing.

About Me

It has been written about me that: “He is honest to the core.” I am a 61-year-old retired Captain of the Toronto Fire Services. I was employed as a firefighter for almost 31 years. I really liked my job. finding it exciting and rewarding. It makes U feel great when ur career allows U to help others in so many ways. I spent most of my career on a Pumper Truck. We worked 24-hour shifts averaging 42 hours a week.

I enjoy thinking about things and problem solving. I always try to think of a better way of doing things. I like being challenged to analyze things, especially in movies. Unfortunately, though too many movies are so farfetched that I lose interest in them.

I once told a guy that I would like to get paid to just sit in a chair and think, give me certain problems and I would try to figure out solutions. I believe I have come up with a lot of solutions that would resolve a lot of problems facing our earth. We need to work together to bring contentment to all people, especially those that lack the basic necessities of life.

I want to play a role in all concepts I have presented. I am looking for a person or persons who believes in what I am trying to achieve; someone who really believes: “The Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life”. That person or persons we need ur knowledge, expertise, and financial support to make andUandU…a world class world non-profit organization that is second to none. If U are that person click on “The Enabler(s)” on my cover page and on the main andUandU.org page.

All I want from andUandU... is to be able to live an average lifestyle by Canadian standards. I will never be rich. I don't have the heart for it. I would feel bad living so well, while so many people have nothing.

andUandU's Christian Links

There are numerous places in andUandU.s content where U can tell that I am a Christian. Regardless of what religion I am andUandU...is for everyone. andUandU is supportive of all religions as long as they are based on love and do not condone hate, violence and murder. Other religions can be part of andUandU for instance, U could have a website called: IslamandU and BuddhistandU.

I once attended The People's Church at 374 Sheppard Avenue in Toronto. The People's Church is a Non-Denominational Church. Their services are on Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00. It is a church that is very uplifting to me and others who attend. Most everyone sings, many with raised hands. The music score varies but it is always amazing; sometimes they have around forty singers. Other times they might have a couple of great singers with a half dozen musicians.

The People's Church lead Pastor Brett McBride is so passionate when he preaches, he often brings up his true to life experiences where U visualize the emotions of the people he is talking about. He has been an Urban Missionary in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

The Peoples Church sponsors Missionaries around Ourearth. One of their catch phrases is, “Together in Gods Global Mission.”

Evangelist at large Charles Price and Global Mission Pastor Sandra Ryan preach a good sermon.

andUandU's Content

I Mark A. Matheson the CEO of andUandU... am totally responsible for all written material and the pictures chosen. All thoughts and ideas presented are mine.


All my cover-page photos are from Shutterstock. Shutterstock has an amazing selection of photos and other images. If U have something on ur mind and U need a photo or photos, I am sure U can find it or them on Shutterstock’s numerous web pages. As U have noticed or U will notice, I have many ideas. As far as I am concerned many of my ideas came to life when I used Shutterstock pictures. I am so pleased with what Shutterstock had to offer.

What's with the YO in YOU?

If U ever see me write you instead of U then I have made a mistake or I had to because it was a quote. Just as I is capitalized and a word, so should U (you). Young people are already dropping the yo. I also capitalize the U to make U realize how significant U really are. Anytime U see the U in text, perhaps U like I do, will think of andUandU... Better still why U should succumb to the strength in U, there is love inside of U, for many LOVE=GOD.

I have always thought U-2 got it right when they, dropped the Yo. Look at the great music they have put out. They are social activist and not afraid to speak out against the injustices of our earth. They could be spokesmen about the good that can be derived from andUandU... U-2 possibly a stretch for some, but not for me. Their name makes me think of the two U's of andUandU...It would be nice if Bono, The Edge and the rest of the band would support andUandU.... In no time andUandU... would go viral, with their involvement.

Words to Consider.

U- you. We drop the yo and always capitalize the U. We do this because U don’t hear the yo and when U write U we would like it to mean that U are acknowledging how important U can be. When U write capital U we wish that it is U signifying that U will strive to do the right things, that will influence people’s lives and/or the environment in positive ways. 

ur- your

Ourearth - When we combine Our and earth into a compound word Ourearth we are signifying that we are all part of Ourearth community. People’s lives around the world are intertwined. Everyone on our earth is part of earths Ourearth community.

Timitise- To get one use to the different time zones when they travel. To get ur body accustomed to the difference in time from where U departed to where U arrived. Timitised - Ur body is now adjusted to the change in time zones.

There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.

“Unless a man

undertakes more than

he possibly can do,

he will never do

all he can.”

Henry Drummond

andUandU... a Reason to Hope

It is hard to accept things the way they are.

Somebody has to stand up and raise the bar.

The state of our earth causes many to be concerned.

Global warming has caused so much land to be burned.

There are so many people in need of our aid.

Where will their bodies be laid?

We need to give so others will receive.

In humanity those U help will believe.

We need to ensure our children have a bright future.

To repair our earth we know the cure.

We must do what is right.

Helping the environment will make us sleep better at night.

I pray that U realize that andUandU... is what our earth needs.

Its existence will fill our earth with endless good deeds.


Mark    Valdy