The Enabler(s)

Dear Enabler(s),


We have always been confident that we would find someone to enable ANDUANDU… to be a success. U have the leading role into turning ANDUANDU into a world class Non-Profit Organization that is second to none in love, scope and potential to do the most good.

An organization that will not cease to protect the environment and will work towards ensuring that everyone at minimum has their

necessities met. An organization like its name entails, will continually grow, and be loved around our earth until time indefinite.

An organization that inspires people(andus) to give and to want to join us to become part of a future ANDUANDU… movement, with most

putting aside their mememe…attitudes. As our Enabler(s), please find ways to finance ANDUANDU…U are a person of high moral fiber

who cares about the welfare of others. U show empathy towards others and U are a person with integrity.

U are willing to start from the ground up pledging to do all U can to make ANDUANDU…a success and U agree with the Jaycee Creeds’”

We Believe: The Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life”. If U are that person(s) please fill out the form below and submit it.

U can contact us at 905 424 8743.


Please fill out and submit the form and I will contact U.